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Custom Mailer Boxes – A Complete Guide About the Boxes!

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When customers purchase your products online, their orders will have a long way to go through. Your products in this situation can be shaken, dropped to the floor, or even get damaged during processing. This is only one of the reasons why you need the right packaging boxes to ship your products safely. Premium quality custom mailer boxes do more than just protect your valuable products inside. In addition, exclusively designed boxes will impact how customers perceive your brand’s image. Getting interested? Yes, you would want to read a complete guide to learning more about these excellent boxes!

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes – Are They the Best Option to Ship Your Products?

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes – Are They the Best Option to Ship Your Products

Those brands that deliver their products to their customers frequently surely know the importance of having durable and attractive boxes. Modest layered packaging materials are the main line of product protection all through the shipping journey. The use of custom printed mailer boxes for most shipments is not a new trend.

Selecting these boxes will give your brand distinct advantages. For instance, innovatively designed boxes will definitely highlight your products in the ocean of standard boxes for shipping. In addition, these boxes are suitable for good marketing and successful advertising purposes.

So we can clearly say these boxes are the best option to ship your products safely and attractively!

What Are the Various Benefits to Grab from Using Custom Mailer Boxes

You have probably already seen some benefits when you think about custom mailer boxes. For some brands, the durability feature of the boxes itself offers benefits. Durability offers an extraordinary image for your brand to get.

Moreover, there are tremendous amazing benefits your business can get from sending your products with these boxes.

The Customizable Feature Enables You to Make the Boxes More Appealing

Other than using custom printing, custom mailer boxes are a simple and smart way to make your brand stand out. When so many products from different brands are shipped in plain, standard boxes, these pristine boxes will surely pop up.

The customizable feature enables you to mix and match the design and color combinations. These boxes are therefore ideal for shipping various types of products such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals/medicine products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Food products
  • Clothing products
  • And more

People usually associate the appearance of your boxes with the quality of your products inside. Thus, those regular standard brown color boxes cannot afford to present the premium quality your products provide.

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes Allow You to Create High Color Contrast

Even if you would go for white color as the foundation of your boxes, you can create high color contrast that draws attention. Yes, custom printed mailer boxes allow you to do this. In fact, the white base accentuates all the colors. When printed on a plain white box, the colors you add will be richer and more realistic.

The best part is that all colors will look special on these boxes. This way, these boxes will fit your products perfectly. Yes, the unique thing about these boxes is that they are printable; thus, you can use any color you like.

Make Your Products Look Elegant with Custom Luxury Mailer Boxes

Applying customization options to your packaging boxes will create a sense of luxury. You can even design the inner packaging to deliver a memorable unboxing experience. For instance, you can try out creating shaded illustrations to mark your boxes. As a result, your customers will immediately feel the added value and luxury of purchasing your products.

The best part is that these custom luxury mailer boxes will help you improve brand promotion. Even better, they will also assist in building a trustworthy factor.

How to Design Attractive Custom Mailer Boxes to Boost More Sales?

How to Design Attractive Custom Mailer Boxes to Boost More Sales

Shipping your products to customers with appealing boxes can give you more benefits beyond protecting your products. In fact, if you can design your custom mailer boxes attractively, you can boost sales easily. Getting interested? Let’s start designing your boxes with the tips below!

Custom Printing Is Essential

As a brand owner, you know that your brand name and logo should be on the boxes designed with innovative printing styles. Additionally, your official social media profiles are also worth mentioning.

These details will eventually help customers to:

  • Follow your social media profiles
  • Share what they love about your products
  • Include their unboxing videos

At the end of the day, printing your details will make more people familiar with your brand. Thus, boosting your sales will be a piece of cake!

Rely on Sustainable Packaging Materials

The sustainable choices will work well when it comes to designing boxes that will boost your sales. For example, you can choose custom insert boxes from paperboard if you want a protective layer between multiple products in a large box. This material consists of two layers that come with plant or flower seeds in between. Thus, your customers can reuse the wrapping paper to grow plants after unboxing your products.

Provide an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

With standard packaging, customers will only focus on the product they receive. Custom printed mailer boxes, on the other hand, can make the moment of unboxing a special experience. Even better, the experience can be unforgettable for your customers. Designing your boxes by applying your brand theme will let you deliver an unforgettable customer experience. Ultimately, those customers will tie the experience to your brand.

But how does that work?

Try to Meet All Customers’ Expectations

Customers purchase any product because they need it and because it meets all their expectations. To win their hearts, you need to focus on meeting every single of these expectations. Be aware that some customers can be very loyal to certain brands. Why?

Because they believe the brand will live up to expectations.

So, if you want to meet all their expectations, you need to know what those customers expect from your products.

In this case, you need to know better about your target customers. From teens to adults, your customers have different expectations. For example, those teens would love to see brightly colored packaging that attracts attention. On the other hand, adult customers, such as business people, find a simple packaging design pleasing to the eye. In this case, you have to be creative and design your custom cardboard mailer boxes accordingly.

The Product Description Is Necessary!

You need to provide product descriptions regardless of what products you are shipping. The reasons?

Well, your product details are the ones that will make it easier for customers to use your products anytime they want. Plus, you can help them learn more about your brand by providing all the details.

Additionally, you can help your customers make better purchasing decisions by providing the essential product details. For example, a food item’s calorie and nutritional information tell customers the health benefits of consuming those items. What’s more, your brand details will make people want to know more about your business.

So don’t you think it is actually worth considering?

Product Quality Matters

Even if you have the prettiest custom design mailer boxes, your customers will be disappointed if you don’t have great product quality. In other words, you must never neglect to maintain the quality of your products, no matter what it costs.

Choose durable packaging material that keeps your products safe during rough transport. You also must ensure that the packaging materials are of the highest quality. After all, product return will only leave your brand with a bad image.

Give Customers an Added Value

You can make those customers very loyal to your brand. How? By providing them with a fun and exciting unboxing experience. Many products these days come in boring boxes. You can make your unique brand shine through custom mailer boxes with inserts.

You can do this by giving customers an added value than they expected. This will surely draw and reduce the chances of the product return. For example, discount codes are the perfect approach to boost sales and build customer loyalty.

Or else, you can also add a personal message for your customers. Another way? Consider adding a handwritten thank you note is the best way to make your customers feel satisfied and valued. This effort will also help you build real relationships. Most importantly, this type of marketing strategy can help you make a big impact.

Wrapping Up

Shipping your products is not only about delivering them to your customers, and that’s it. Instead, it is more about presenting the quality of your products and your brand’s image positively. Using exceptional custom mailer boxes will let you achieve these goals easily. To get the perfect boxes, the experts at Pioneer Custom Boxes are always ready to assist you. Call us!

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