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Custom Vape Boxes

Secure Your Vapes with Custom Vape Packaging Boxes

Some people say Vape boxes can be damaged easily! It means that your expensive e-juice or vape products could be ruined before you even use them when you order vape products online, the product ships in a generic box with no protection from damage!

Pioneer Custom Boxes offers custom packaging for all of your e-cig and vaping needs. We design quality boxes to protect your vaporizers and additions during shipping. So that they arrive at their terminus safely and look great!

We offer free design support services for customers who want something more than just plain cardboard. You can also choose from one of our templates of Custom Vape Boxes if you have time to create your custom artwork. We assemble each package carefully by hand in the USA. We use only eco-friendly materials like recycled paperboard and soy-based inks!

Custom Printed Vape Boxes with Magnetic Closure

Vape packaging boxes are vital for the success of your business. Customers may not buy from you if you don’t have a professional box.

Our expert team at Pioneer Custom Boxes designs and prints custom vape packaging boxes. We specialize in beautiful custom vape packaging. It is sure to impress both your customers and rivals alike!

Our designs include simple window sleeves to complex 3D die-cuts with unique features like magnet closures or hidden magnetic lids. Your products deserve something better than generic black cardboard boxes. Choose one of our design templates today and get an instant quote on your order!

Enrich E-Cigarette Experience with Custom Vape Boxes

Vaping is a great choice for smoking. Yet, it can be hard on the wallet. By switching your vape juice from the plain box to one of our custom boxes, you will save money and have more room for new flavors.

Our custom printed vape boxes are premium materials. We print them with top-notch printing methods. These cardboard cases are designed for holding up to 30 ml bottles of e-liquid. It means that they hold 2x as much juice as the original packaging! Not only do these fancy containers look good, but they also keep your juices safe from damage by other items in your bag or purse.

We create vape boxes for those who want an affordable way to carry their e-liquids around. Do not worry about them leaking all over everything else in their bags! We’re proud to offer these fantastic vape accessories at such a low cost. Hence, we want everyone with a mod/tank setup.

Attractive Vape Boxes Wholesale Available at 50% Discount Price

How do I get the best vape boxes wholesale for my products? We understand that you are looking for a reliable source to create your custom printed vape packaging boxes. You have come to the right place! Our experts can provide quality, affordable, and fast turnaround service to meet all your needs.

Pioneer Custom Boxes is a leading provider of custom printing services. We offer competitive prices with a 50% discount on customized boxes such as:

  • Paperboard boxes
  • Plastic packaging boxes
  • Metal gift boxes
  • Corrugated carton boxes

We also offer eco-friendly Custom CBD Boxes, Custom Cereal Boxes, and Custom Bakery Boxes like recycled cardboard & fiberboard made from 100% recycled materials. Moreover, we can print using soy-based inks that are water-resistant and fade-proof.

We ensure that our clients receive a top-quality product at an affordable price within 24 hours without sacrificing their budget or need. In addition, we offer free design consultation via email. So, you know exactly what you’re getting before placing an order.

Outstanding THC Packaging For Vape Grows Your Sales

People love to vape, and they love cannabis. Most of the time, they can’t use their favorite herb in public and have to settle for a nicotine e-cig.

Imagine if you could enjoy your favorite cannabis strain anywhere, anytime? You’d take that big hit at home instead of going out all the time.

Pioneer Custom Boxes are custom made packaging designed explicitly for cannabis products, including

  • Weed
  • CBD oil cartridges
  • THC vape juice pods
  • Rolling papers

Our products come with a fantastic design that will ensure your customers never forget about you!

Speak to Us Now, Book Your Order & Get Free Shipping!

We know that you’re busy and have a lot on your plate. We also know that it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in packaging.

That’s why we created Pioneer Custom Boxes. You can create packages for any occasion or event with our custom boxes, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Much more

You can even use our printing services to make your custom box designs stand out from the crowd.

Our custom vape boxes wholesale are available at affordable prices. Anyone looking for a unique package can find what they wish without breaking their budget! Just give us a call now and help us start designing your new customized packaging today! Get free shipping on all your orders too!

Most Asked Questions by the Customers

Why choose custom vape boxes for packaging?
Custom vape boxes offer a personalized touch to your product, ensuring it stands out on shelves and resonates with your brand identity, ultimately attracting more customers.
Can I customize the size and shape of the vape boxes?
Absolutely! Custom vape boxes are tailored to your specifications. You have the creative freedom to choose the size, shape, and design that perfectly complements your vape products.
Are these boxes durable enough for shipping?
Yes, custom vape boxes are designed with durability in mind. They provide secure packaging for shipping, ensuring your vape products reach customers in pristine condition.
How can custom vape boxes enhance brand recognition?
Customization allows you to incorporate your brand's colors, logo, and messaging into the vape box design, creating a memorable and recognizable packaging that reinforces your brand identity.
Can I order custom vape boxes in bulk?
Absolutely! Ordering in bulk not only ensures a consistent brand image but also offers cost savings. Custom vape boxes in bulk are perfect for businesses looking to streamline packaging.

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