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Custom Cake Boxes

Design Your Custom Cake Boxes with Pioneers!

Selling cakes is hard work. You have to ensure you are always in stock and that your packaging is beautiful. We all know the best way to sell cake is with Custom Cake Boxes. That’s why we have made it easy for you to order these high-quality cake boxes at a low price!

Ordering cake boxes can be expensive and frustrating if you don’t know what size box fits which kind of cake. Or! How many different sizes are there? Pioneer has taken all the guesswork out of this process by making our boxes perfectly fit any sized bakery product. Now, no matter what the size of the cake! 

Our team has been toiling on perfecting this design for years now. We think our customers will agree that these are the best possible options for selling cakes online, in person, or anywhere else where we sell them. These are truly some of the most professional custom baking products available today.

Maintain Your Cakes With Custom Cardboard Cakes Boxes

When you are trying to ingrain your clients with a beautiful cake, the last thing you worry about is the damage in transit.

You need packaging that will keep your cakes and cupcakes safe from bumps and bruises. But those cardboard boxes are ugly! And expensive! And hard to find! How can you ensure your baked goods arrive looking as good as they did when they left?

Pioneer Custom Boxes are the retort. We offer Custom Bakery Boxes at affordable prices, with fast shipping times. So you can have them on time for any occasion or event. Our packaging designers will work with you in every step of designing. 

Finally, we create a box design that meets all of your needs and exceeds all of your expectations. Browse our gallery today! There’s no better place for personalized cake packaging than Pioneer Custom Boxes!

Get Cake Boxes for Occasions with No Die Cutting Charges

If you plan a wedding, party, or another special event, your biggest challenge is to package and transport the cake. Custom Cake Boxes for Events make it easy to ship cakes without worrying about damage. We prepare these boxes with sturdy corrugated paperboard that can withstand all types of weather conditions. 

They feature reinforced edges and tear-resistant tape, so they don’t fall apart during shipping. The custom cake packaging boxes come in three different sizes – 8x8x2″, 10x10x3″ and 12x12x4″. You can choose between white or brown kraft colors. Each box has a unique design that matches your theme perfectly!

With our Custom Food Boxes for events, you can pack up your wedding or birthday cakes easily! Take edge of our free shipping offer on orders over $50 today!

Eye-catching Custom Printed Cake Boxes

For years, cake boxes have been used to transport and store cakes. The problem is that these boxes are flimsy and don’t provide the needed protection. This can lead to a ruined dessert or, even worse – a lawsuit! We at Pioneer Custom Boxes know how important it is to protect your baked goods from damage during transit. So, we’ve developed our line of custom cake boxes. 

Our high-end custom printed cake boxes have secure corners and sides with extra support in key areas for better durability. It also features air vents on all four sides for enhanced airflow. Hence, it keeps your desserts fresh longer than traditional bakery packaging solutions.

Get Free Shipping & Consultation for Cake Boxes Wholesale

Cupcake boxes are an essential part of the cake business. They need to be sturdy enough to hold a heavy, moist product while still attractive and eye-catching.

The problem with cupcake boxes is that they can be expensive and difficult to buy in bulk online. Not only do you have to pay an amount for shipping. But, you also risk getting stuck with extra inventory if your order doesn’t fit your needs exactly.

Pioneer Custom Boxes offers custom printed and blank cardboard Custom Cake Boxes Wholesale at 50% discount prices. Now you can find the perfect box for your cupcakes without having to worry about wasting money on unneeded extras or paying too much for shipping costs. We’ll work directly with you from start to finish so that we create a customized solution just for your company’s needs!

Order today from Pioneer Custom Boxes, and you’ll get free shipping plus 10% off your first order! Call us now at (877)-9291-222 if you want more information about our products or have any questions about the ordering process. If you would like to talk straight with one of our experts, you are most welcome!

Most Asked Questions by the Customers

Why should I choose custom bakery boxes for my products?
Can I order custom cake boxes in different sizes to accommodate various cake dimensions?
What materials are used for the custom cake boxes, and are they eco-friendly?
Our custom cake boxes are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials to ensure both durability and environmental sustainability.
Can I print my logo or design on the custom cake boxes?
Absolutely! We provide customization options, including logo printing, to give your cake boxes a personalized and professional touch.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom cake boxes?
The minimum order quantity depends on the size and customization requirements, but we strive to accommodate both small and large orders.
Are the custom cake boxes shipped assembled or flat for easy storage?
We offer both options. You can choose to have your custom cake boxes shipped flat for convenient storage or assembled for immediate use.

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