Tips to Design Empty Cardboard Cigarette Boxes That Attract More Customers

Tips to Design Empty Cardboard Cigarette Boxes That Attract More Customers

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As a brand owner, you surely want to instantly generate awareness and authority in your niches. The easiest way to do this is by associating your unique characteristics and attributes with your products. Along with the product awareness and credibility grows, your business revenue grows. In the context of cigarettes, product display matters a lot. No smoker would be attracted to purchasing cigarettes in ugly packaging. Instead, you will need appealing packaging boxes. Worry not! Yes, it’s time to attract more customers! This post will reveal some creative tips for designing empty cardboard cigarette boxes.

The Undeniable Importance of Empty Cigarette Boxes

The Undeniable Importance of Empty Cigarette Boxes

Unique packaging boxes will be the tool for image building. At the same time, they serve protection and differentiation of products among thousands of competitors.

Building a cigarette brand identity is very difficult. The reason is due to there is only a limited place to publish your cigarettes and brand. In fact, playing or displaying ads for cigarettes is prohibited in many countries. Fortunately, there is nothing impossible in this world. Yes, there are smart ways to solve this problem easily. How?

Your empty cigarette boxes are the most important factor in connecting customers to your brand. These boxes have the main function of preserving product safety. In addition, they will make your cigarettes look more exclusive.

Indeed, there is an undeniable importance of empty cardboard cigarette boxes. What are they?

  • The structural architecture of the boxes is highly adaptable; you can modify them in various ways
  • You can make the designs, shapes, sizes, and styles of the boxes according to your requirements
  • Printing the boxes makes them an ideal promotional and marketing tool for your business
  • Exceptional boxes show the premium quality of your cigarettes inside

Let’s Design Your Empty Cardboard Cigarette Boxes!

Let's Design Your Empty Cardboard Cigarette Boxes!

Now let’s get to the main point. You need the ideal boxes to attract customers and grab more sales. So, let’s start designing your Custom Regular Cigarette Boxes! Check out the tips below!

Choose and Use the Right Packaging Material

This is the first and most important thing when it comes to designing your packaging boxes. To make your cigarettes stand out from the crowd, you need to have exceptional boxes. In this regard, the first thing you need to consider is the type of packaging material. Many options are available in the market. Yet, you need to choose and use customizable packaging material to produce ideal boxes.

You can use:

  • Cardboard – Highly flexible packaging material
  • Paperboard – Lightweight packaging material
  • Kraft – Environmentally friendly packaging material
  • Corrugated – Ideal packaging material for shipping
  • Rigid – Luxurious packaging material

Design Your Boxes with an Eye-Catching Color Scheme

You need to pay close attention to the appearance of your product packaging boxes. Start by asking these questions:

  • Is the image and reputation of your cigarette brand important to you?
  • If so, how could you possibly make your cigarette brand stand out from others?

Custom boxes with eye-catching color schemes and lively images can be precious in this case. This perfect combination will make your brand more prominent in the cigarette market.

What’s more, thanks to eye-catching packaging, customers can’t help but think that your cigarettes inside are of the highest quality. Yes, these boxes are a great way to showcase the excellent quality of your branded cigarettes.

You can do this by using high-tech color digital printing to print color or visual artwork on your boxes. This will eventually give your cigarettes a tremendous visual appeal. The competent designers at Pioneer Custom Boxes will help you choose the right color scheme. We will ensure that your Empty Cigarette Boxes design will reflect your brand image. At the same time, the boxes will surely attract the attention of those smokers.

Choose the Ideal Box Style

Unique packaging styles are also perfect to attract the attention of more customers. Empty cardboard cigarette boxes usually come in a rectangular shape with a hinged lid. However, to make a big difference from the competition, you can go with a slide-pack or a drawer box style. As we all know, there are standard requirements to design the ideal boxes for cigarettes. However, there are virtually no strict rules for how your boxes should be. In simple words, you can be as creative as you can in designing the boxes!

Make Your Empty Cigarette Boxes Elegant and Professional

Simple packaging for cigarettes in your pocket is now a thing of the past. What could possibly make your cigarettes look more attractive to customers? Of course, the answer relies on your packaging boxes.

Without you realizing it, you can use your empty colorful cigarette boxes to help build a unique brand identity. This will give you a competitive edge over many other cigarette brands. Additionally, your brand will greatly benefit from your boxes’ positive image and consistent message.

Your customers will love to associate your business with the professional and elegant presentation your boxes display. So, you can break the rules and develop impressive designs of your own. Yet, make sure to highlight the extraordinary quality of your cigarettes.

Branded Packaging Boxes Work Well to Promote Your Products

The retail stores’ shelves are full of products with similar looks. However, we know that few of them stand out by using branded packaging boxes. Increasingly, the same brand awareness concerns are associated with cigarette products.

The market for cigarette products is filled with many restrictions. Hence, to leave traces of identifiable boxes in the same market, you can lay over your brand’s differentiation. How?

By printing a stunning brand logo on the boxes. Then, you will see how branded packaging boxes work well to promote your cigarette products wider. In addition, you can apply embossing or debossing techniques to highlight your brand logo.

Focus on Applying Incredible Designs

You can be more creative with your Custom Unique Style Cigarette Boxes to provide maximum product protection. This way, you can use the boxes to appeal to your customers visually. For example, you can go with a window design with the perfect or smooth edges of the theme pattern. You can use the sleeve cut to look like a window with high-quality transparent plastic. This amazing window shape allows your customers to see from the outside without unboxing your cigarettes.

Or else, you can also try out:

  • Matching holders
  • Inset trays and compartments
  • The box with flaps
  • And other options

Designs with flap tips not only extend the life of the product. Even better, it will also make your boxes look more creative. You can also apply UV spot coating and a laminated finish with a glossy lid. This will allow you to ship your cigarettes anywhere safely. The best part is that these exclusive boxes are available in all shapes and sizes.

Additional Features Make Your Empty Cigarette Boxes Look More Wonderful

Yes, you can customize your Custom E-Cigarette Boxes according to your needs and requirements. To grab more attention, you can apply some additional features. These add-ons will make your boxes look more wonderful in customers’ eyes.

What can you try?

  • A water-based spot UV varnish

This technique is ideal for ensuring the safety of your exclusive cigarettes inside. By applying this add-on, your boxes will work perfectly to maintain the freshness and flavor of your cigarettes.

You can also try out:

  • Boxes with handles to provide more convenience
  • Exclusive ribbons to create the perfect look

By using a variety of additional features, not only will your boxes look more splendid and lavish. Better yet, these boxes will allow your customers to consider bulk purchases for gifts to their bosses, friends, seniors, and more. Well, yes, more sales to expect!

Wrapping Up

Your product packaging boxes can make or break your brand image. This is essentially the truth when we are talking about empty cigarette boxes. This is the main reason for your brand to invest your time and effort in designing ideal boxes. Accordingly, this is where Pioneer Custom Boxes come as your savior.

We will examine the boxes with our professional quality control inspectors. This is how we ensure that you only get top-quality packaging boxes to flaunt your cigarettes and brand. Even better, we create your boxes with the quickest turnaround time. We don’t charge die plates and setup costs to keep your order price low. Contact us for a 50% discount and no Minimum Order Quantity now! In simple words, Pioneer Custom Boxes is the best option for getting premium empty drawer cigarette boxes.

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