Tips and Tricks to Design Trendy Custom Display Boxes

Tips and Tricks to Design Trendy Custom Display Boxes

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As a brand owner, you know that an impressive product presentation is the main key to winning in this competitive market. This factor is essential no matter which types of products you want to sell to the market. If you want to grab maximum attention from customers, you will need an eye-catching product display. Have you ever heard about custom display boxes? Of course, you have.

You can find these boxes at some places in retail stores to attract more attention to the products inside. Obviously, no customer can skip the products inside the boxes. But do you know that if you can design these boxes trendily, you can improve your business reach easily? Yes, you can! Well then, you will love to check out some tips and tricks below to design the boxes!

Know the Importance of Customizing Display Packaging Design

Know the Importance of Customizing Display Packaging Design

Do you ever think about why you should customize your boxes? Have you ever wondered why you should design and customize your display packaging design? After all, designing and customizing packaging requires more effort, time, and money, right?

If those kinds of mindsets still haunt you, you can give up your dreams to increase your sales. Why?

Let me tell you the fact; we buy with our eyes. This simply means that we will purchase products that grab our attention. When you buy branded products, you end up feeling confident and proud.

Now designing and customizing your packaging boxes not only will make your products look more presentable. Better than that, you can make those market customers fall in love with your products by looking at the appearance of your custom display boxes. In the end, you can expect to see a boost in your sales. Thus, we can confidently say that designing and customizing your boxes can end up being something you enjoy!

Let’s Start Designing Trendy Custom Display Boxes!

Let's Start Designing Trendy Custom Display Boxes!

Designing custom display boxes from scratch is not a complicated task to do at all. In fact, you will find some very fun and exciting things when doing this. How?

Getting excited? Customizing your boxes gives you the freedom to run free of your creativity. Below are some tips and tricks to design your trendy boxes!

The Unique Retro Design Is Still Trending!

If you look into boxes from any type of industry, you will find that retro design is still trending. How is this possible?

You may have come across or heard the saying “old is gold.”

Yes, the retro design of custom display boxes will bring customers back to the old days and remind them of their sweet memories. Eventually, this is the main reason why this type of design will never go out of style for any industry. Hence, if you think the retro design will only make your boxes look boring, you need to think again.

So what are the elements you can apply to create a retro display packaging design?

  • Make a perfect combination of black-colored rigid boxes and silver or gold hot stamping technique
  • Match the glossy coating and vintage pattern on cardboard boxes
  • Apply soft graphics in dim colors to create beautiful visualizations

Well, this design is interesting, isn’t it?

Custom Display Boxes in Bold Colors and Trendy Designs Are Captivating!

If you wish to sell more products, they should look as trendy as possible. We know that modern customers always want to look trendy and up-to-date. Thus, when choosing products to purchase, they certainly look for the trendiest options. Combining bold colors with trendy designs for your custom display boxes can help you captivate customers easily.

For example, you can try to matching:

  • Blue-colored packaging boxes with modern graphic visualization
  • Black-colored boxes with trendy images
  • Apply a matte or gloss finish to your display packaging design

Customers will never hesitate to buy from your brand again when they see how well you present your products. More than you might expect, they will definitely recommend your brand to others. Yes, more sales to expect!

Personalization Always Works to Attract More Customers

Adding a warm personal touch to your custom display boxes with logo can help you captivate more customers’ attention. Today, you can find many packaging suppliers on the Internet with just a single click. Experienced packaging companies will help you personalize your boxes to match your preferences. The expert designers there will assist you in designing your boxes. Better yet, they will let you show off your products trendily. They will help you to present them as to how you want your products to be displayed.

Customers will love it when they can easily explore more about your products. Well, the best part is that you can personalize your boxes in various wonderful ways.

You can try out some exciting personalization options such as:

  • Add a cute hangtag to your products on the boxes with some lovely words
  • Write down special discounts or promotional offers on the boxes

Yes, all you have to do is be more creative and make your customers happier! You will never go wrong with making your customers feel special and appreciated when purchasing from your brand. Instead, you can use these warm gestures to strengthen your customer base.

Make Customers Comfortable with Your Display Packaging Design

The market customers will love to feel comfortable when making their purchasing decisions. Now how can you possibly do that? Well, want to know the good part? It is not as complicated or difficult as you might think before!

Instead, you can make customers feel more comfortable by applying a simple display packaging design. People love to see things that are smooth to their eyes. Thus, designing your boxes with a simple design will not only make shopping from you more enjoyable. Even better, the exclusivity and simplicity of the boxes will appeal to every passerby. Yes, a simple design can mean a lot more if you apply it perfectly.

Giving Promotional Gifts Are Always the Best Trick to Attract Customers

Giving your customers more than the money they spend is always the best way to encourage them to make future purchases. Yes, we have to admit that promotional gifts are always your best bet when it comes to getting your customers’ attention. This marketing approach eventually helps to encourage customers to spread excitement about your products or brand.

What kinds of promotional gifts can you offer to your beloved customers through custom display boxes?

  • Discount coupons to encourage future purchases
  • Some samples of the new product line you want to offer to the market

When they see your products arranged properly in trendy boxes, they will already admire your products. Then, when they find out about the giveaways you provide, they will end up loving your brand more. Without any doubt, there are various ways you can make your customers happier when purchasing from you. If you can make them happy, making them your loyal customers will no longer be difficult. As a result, of course, you can easily increase your sales and even reach a wider target audience. Yes, it is that easy!

Get Affordable Prices from a Reliable Packaging Supplier

Last but not least, your budget should also be considered when designing trendy custom display boxes with dividers. To keep production costs down, you should get affordable prices from a reliable packaging supplier. By having a professional packing partner, you will not only get top-notch quality boxes. Much better, you can also expect to get some offers such as:

  • No minimum order quantity for easy ordering
  • No hidden charges or die-cut fee
  • The free design support from the packaging experts
  • Quick turnaround and on-time delivery
  • A free sample on request
  • Hassle-free shipping service to deliver your boxes to your front door
  • Easy and comfortable payment methods

Working together with a reliable packaging supplier will benefit your business in the long run. This way, you can get the ideal boxes to display your products trendily and innovatively. After all, it is not a bad idea to design and customize your boxes while controlling your spending budget at the same time.

Wrapping Up

You may have never thought of it, but yes, it really works. Without you realizing it, expressing your creativity in designing trendy custom display boxes can help improve your business. What’s better, these boxes can eventually be your best tool to encourage customers to make future purchases. So, if you are interested in designing and customizing your boxes, you can always count on the expert designers at Pioneer Custom Boxes. You can design the best boxes to complement your special products by working with us.

Have a nice day ahead!

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