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Halloween started 2000 years ago when people started linking a specific season with winter. It is celebrated every year on October 31 with the purpose of exalting and meeting those who have passed away from this world long ago. According to this belief, the specific costumes and event activities are to welcome all the saints as they used to visit back on earth every year. However, this is not all; rather, many other beliefs and activities are part of this event.

Let us know its history, traditions, and belief system, activities and much more…!

Origin of Halloween

Halloween originated from the phrase “all hallows eve,” which means the evening of all the saints or all souls days. As the literal meaning suggests, this event or celebration belongs to the remembrance of all those saints or heroes of the time.

Halloween is commonly believed to be originated from the Samhain festival. However, many other celebrations and events also contributed to the event of Halloween.

Contrary to common belief, Halloween is not an event originating from Samhain Festival; rather, it has its own source of origin. On May 13, 609 A.D., a Pop ordered to celebrate a day for the saints who have passed away from this world that later included the remembrance of all martyrs on the same day.

Samhain itself was an event to be celebrated once a year. Similarly, activities like treats, gatherings, pumpkins, and tricks and treats started during this holiday. Today, these traditional activities have further evolved into many other remarkable activities.

Traditional Activities of Halloween

1.     Pumpkin

Many people believe that vegetables can help them stay away from demons. Therefore, they used pumpkins during this event in the absence of turnips in the U.S. When the Irish migrated to the U.S., they found pumpkins as a new vegetable. That’s why the Pumpkin is considered the symbol of Halloween.

2.     Tricks and Treat

Trick and treat are one of the best game that children mostly enjoy on Halloween. Excited feelings are connected in the minds of children, and they enjoy it with their full zeal. In addition, this game is not only for children, but elders are also involved in these moments.

On this occasion, children play this “trick and treat” game in various ways. In some countries, children receive candy once their elders present a “trick and treat” box filled with many edible goods for children. On the other hand, in some societies, children go and knock on the doors of their neighbors and play this trick to receive a treat.

3.     Singing Hymns

In the Philippines, singing hymns was a way of celebrating Halloween day. Children used to sing hymns during these days till November 2 every year. However, trends have changed, and these societies have also adopted new ways of celebration.

For instance, Philippino children have also started playing “trick and treat” games on Halloween day. Similarly, the costume in similar dresses receives treats from everywhere.

4.     Wearing Amazing Costumes

Wearing the relevant costumes and playing bone fire is one of the amazing activities during Halloween. People shop for many types of costumes for their children as well as for other members of the family. In addition, these costumes are not simple dresses like other events; rather, many kinds of new dresses are designed every year.

These costumes clearly indicate the event of Halloween, which is why children like to wear such dresses. Interestingly, there is a connection between these costumes and the event, and children receive many gifts because their dress clearly hints at the event.

Halloween in a Religious Aspect

The name “Halloween” is short for “All Saints’ Eve,” also known as the night before All Saints’ Day (“Halloween” is Old English for “Halloween”). Christians had always been celebrating such events in tributing the ancestors since the 8th century, however, they didn’t name any special name to the events. The event of Halloween also resembles many of its activities to those events, and therefore no one can clearly say that these events are against any religion.

The American tradition of Halloween may have been traced back to early All Souls’ Day parades in England. During the festival, poor citizens will beg for food and families will distribute cakes called “cupcakes” in exchange for their vows to pray for deceased family members.

The church and its popes also like to see people distribute cakes and other meals to children and neighbors instead of wasting them on the streets as residuals. The practice, which is called “going to the soul,” is finally accepted by the children who used to visit the houses in the neighborhood and receive ale, food, and money.

Anyhow, there is a big percentage of Christian, Muslims, and Jews who don’t celebrate this occasion. But, it doesn’t mean that they are against this event; instead, they simply abstain from involving in these celebrations due to a lack of interest.

Halloween in Different Countries

Halloween in Different Countries

The original birthplace of Halloween was colonial British because the Protestant belief system mainly celebrated the event. These British and Irish moved towards America, and that is how the new idea of Halloween emerged in the U.S. too. Today, the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom are top of the list of countries where Halloween is celebrated excitedly.

This event is celebrated in many parts of the world with a slight difference in activities.

Elders, young and children all celebrate this day and enjoy the holiday. Different people meet each other, gatherings are arranged, and treats are given to each other. Therefore, it is also called the supernatural holiday for all those who keenly enjoy the day.

Comparatively, the U.S. is at the top of the list in celebration of this day as compared to other countries like the UK, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, etc.

The Best Way to Celebrate Halloween

The Best Way to Celebrate Halloween

Special costumes, bonfires, and many games are a good way to enjoy the moments; however, the best thing on this occasion is the treat and gift. Yes, people treat neighbors and their beloved ones with different foods and especially cakes and candies. Moreover, people made custom gifts boxes and send to one another that further add charm and love to the lives of people.

Fun Facts about Halloween

1.     Believe System

Centuries ago, winter was a time of uncertainty and fear. Food supplies often run out, and for many who are afraid of the dark, these winter days are a constant worry for them. On these days, as per their belief, ghosts also used to visit homes.

On Halloween, when ghosts are believed to have returned to the world, people think they will run into ghosts if they leave their homes alone. To prevent these spirits from recognizing them, people wear masks when they leave homes.

2.     Costumes on the Event

Customers at this event are always scary and there is always a new trend in these costumes every year. Costumes prepared specially for such events have gained popularity in the last decade, and this industry is getting a lot of attention from people. More importantly, these costumes have a direct relation with a belief of souls returning back to their homes.

3.     Older than Christianity

According to some historians, the Halloween event is even older than Christianity because of its nature. However, the celebration of this event started after Christianity. As compared to any religion, this event was simply an activity of fun and joy for people from the beginning.

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Wrapping Up

The history of Halloween is older than 2000 years, and it can be traced back to the days when it was not celebrated. It is a day of excitement and enjoyment for everyone, especially children. Tricks and treats, scary costumes, and pumpkins are the most common traditional activities which are performed every year.

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