Recycle Pizza Boxes? A Complete Guide to Recycling Pizza Boxes

Do You Recycle Pizza Boxes A Complete Guide to Recycling Pizza Boxes

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Well, the correct answer to the question of “do you recycle pizza boxes?” is yes, these boxes are technically recyclable. In some cases, eventually, you can recycle these boxes in the same bin as paper and other cardboard products. How? And what is the condition of the boxes that we can recycle? This guide will brief further about recycling pizza boxes to answer all these questions.

How Do You Recycle Pizza Boxes?

Custom Pizza boxes are typically made from cardboard. Easily you understand how do you recycle pizza boxes? In a recent survey, it was mentioned that 93.6 percent of the total amount of cardboard boxes from various companies are accepted for recycling at the end of their life. This packaging material, fortunately, comes with a median recuperation fee for recycling of ninety two percentage out of a hundred percentage.

The fact is, the rule with paper and cardboard is that anyone can easily recycle the box if you can rip the box in half. However, you cannot recycle pizza boxes because you cannot separate the fat from pizza out of the wood fiber, contaminating the final recycled product. Why?

Because fat is also a pollutant, not a substance. Accordingly, the recycling machine is so temperamental that it will not pass through greasy paperboard. This generally applies to all food boxes. If there are still some leftovers in the box, you should not recycle the boxes.

This precaution is highly important because this fat will not only damage the recycling machine. Worse than that, it can also contaminate other recyclable items inside.

For example, if you wholesale custom pizza boxes that have ketchup residue at the bottom of the boxes, they will no longer be recyclable. In the worst-case scenario, if that residue gets on the other materials, those materials will surely no longer be recyclable as well.

How Should Your Customers Dispose of Your Pizza Boxes?

The good thing is that there are many opportunities for your customers to dispose of your pizza boxes. Better yet, even if they can’t throw the box in the trash, they can prevent it from being thrown into the landfill. As a responsible pizza brand owner, you know that you must also pay attention to this matter.

For this, your customers should check on the local recycling regulations. Of course, they will need to know more about what their nearest recycling facility accepts and doesn’t accept. Below are some ways your customers should consider recycling pizza boxes.

  • Partially recycle the box

If the top of the box still looks good, they can peel off that part and recycle it by themselves.

  • Compost your box

Those who like to make compost at home can put a dirty pizza box in the compost box. If your city offers curbside composting, then your customers can simply set out their pizza boxes for compost pickup.

Why Do We Need to Recycle Pizza Boxes?

Why Do We Need to Recycle Pizza Boxes

The recycling process is a series of activities that may involve the collection, processing, mediation, and sale of materials to consumer facilities. The results of this process can include steel mills, paper mills, foundries, and plastic compounds.

The main goal of the recycling process is to turn untreated diverse materials into a cohesive stream of individual commodities. Of course, these commodities will be valuable as raw materials for manufacturing.

According to research, the recycling industry comes up as the main contributor to the US economy. This industry generates more than $100 billion in economic activity annually. In addition, this recycling industry hires more than 164,000 staff.

So, if we are asking about why we need custom pizza boxes, well, the answer is quite obvious here. About two-thirds of the materials recycled in the United States are very valuable. Some manufacturers can use the materials in their new products. As a result, you can see that the total economic impact of the US recycling industry reaches approximately $34 billion. Well…

What About Composting Instead of Recycling Pizza Boxes?

What About Composting Instead of Recycling Pizza Boxes

Composting is a viable option for disposing of pizza boxes, whether they are greasy or not. Paperboard and cardboard, even if dirty, will deteriorate over time in piles of compost. You can cut the pizza boxes and combine them with other organic waste in compost piles or bottles for even easier decomposition.

What to Do When You Can’t Compost?

What to do with the boxes in case the local porch recycling program does not accept dirty pizza boxes? What can you do if the compost truck does not accept grease or oil?

In this case, you can crush the box into small pieces and throw it in a regular trash can. Yes, it will not be the eco-friendliest option. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry as the pizza box will eventually disassemble.

Discarding a pizza box may not be much worse than polluting the recycling stream or burning the box outdoors.

Can We Burn the Pizza Boxes from the Cardboard Outside?

A big NO for this. Consider how to handle the boxes if you think you can burn pizza boxes from cardboard just because it feels like thick paper. According to experts, burning cardboard can be very harmful to the environment. Even worse, cardboard material contains some chemicals that should be avoided as much as possible.

The smoke from burning can be harmful to humans, living things, and of course, our Mother Earth. When you burn the boxes from cardboard, these chemicals, including dyes and other toxins, will be released into the atmosphere. If the boxes are dirty, burning them will have even worse consequences.

Can We Pizza Boxes Recycle at Home?

Yes, we can! Knowing what to recycle, how to do the recycling process, and whether a particular type of box is acceptable or not can be a bit confusing. In the end, it may not be necessary to send the pizza boxes to a local recycling program. Instead, you can use some creative ideas to get the most out of the boxes instead of wasting them.

Use them as party supplies

Kraft Pizza Boxes will be a great idea for trying out new designs and storing items. If the box is in good condition, you can always recycle it and serve it at a party. Recycled items can eventually add more fun and uniqueness to your stunning party decorations. At the same time, these items will help you to contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Make them as a creative laptop stand

You can easily fold the laptop in half to make it stand out from a pizza box. For this, you need to make sure that the box is very clean before you use it. How to do this? By using a few bends, you will create a creative laptop stand that will look great on your desk.

You can start by lining up the box perfectly, including all sides, tabs, and flaps, before folding it in half. Then, it would be best if you folded the box back to form a slight slope. That’s simple!

Keep in mind that the slight edge should be turned up to prevent your laptop from slipping off the bottom of the slope. Well, you surely don’t want your valuable device to slip when it reaches the bottom of the slope. In addition, the back of the device should have a hole for easy connection to the charging cable.

Create a lovely bird’s nest

Do you love to watch cute birds singing in the morning? If you do so, why not give those birds a reason to gather in your home?

Yes, you can turn an old pizza box into a lovely homemade bird’s nest and put it in the pouch. Then, you can place it to be a good place for those cute birds.

For this project, you can leave the lid of the box in place and support it openly. Or else, you can remove it completely to prevent it from closing when the wind blows. Next, you need to collect materials such as trees, leaves, and straw. There you go! Nicely stack them in a clean pizza box and place them like a nest.

Final Ideas

Informing your customers that Cardboard Pizza Boxes can make a valuable difference is important. This can be a great way to create a collaborative atmosphere that benefits everyone. For the packaging industry, will be getting more raw materials to develop new products. For you as a brand owner, it will be perfect as evidence of how you perform your corporate social responsibility. Eventually, you will be able to easily build a strong and loyal customer base.

So, if you wish to customize your boxes with the detailed information of “do you recycle pizza boxes,” you can count on Pioneer Custom Boxes. We provide our clients with excellent quality custom boxes to help assist in generating higher sales. Give us a call!

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