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Custom Lipstick Boxes – Let’s Boost Your Sales with Attractive Boxes!

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Lipsticks are beautiful cosmetic items that can bring up more confidence. Today, we can see many brands offering these lovely items. If you are a brand owner, you know that it is important to provide stylish packaging that adds value to your lipsticks. When you have attractive boxes presenting your lipsticks, you can expect to get higher sales. To make things easier, let’s check out some packaging ideas to boost your sales with custom lipstick boxes!

The Power of Custom Kraft Lipstick Boxes – What Do the Boxes Offer?

The Power of Custom Kraft Lipstick Boxes – What Do the Boxes Offer

Custom packaging boxes help you provide a memorable customer experience through product display. You need to design your custom kraft lipstick boxes in a way that attracts maximum attention. But what do custom packaging boxes actually offer?

  • Create a visually appealing experience with a stunning brand logo
  • Custom packaging boxes meet your brand standards
  • They give your brand a personal touch
  • Custom boxes act as the most effective marketing and branding tools
  • The boxes help you draw attention from the market customers
  • Differentiate your lipsticks and your brand from others
  • Make your brand easy to remember and drive future purchases

Without any doubt, custom boxes will be a great way to sell beautiful lipsticks. You can eventually make each packaging to be unique and beautiful. The best part? You have full control over the color combinations and design.

Let’s Design Your Custom Lipstick Boxes Attractively!

Let’s Design Your Custom Lipstick Boxes Attractively!

Now let’s get to the main point. To boost more sales, you will need attractive custom lipstick boxes. So, why don’t we start designing them!

Always Choose a Durable Packaging Material

Speaking of presenting and preserving delicate lipsticks, you need to choose durable packaging material, no matter what. Obviously, you don’t want your lipsticks to get damaged during the shipping journey. Damaged items will only leave disappointment for customers. Even worse, when they receive damaged items from your brand, they will not trust you to purchase your items again.

Consider the Longevity Factor

The smartest technique to provide durability and longevity is to laminate your custom lipstick boxes. Laminating is important to protect your boxes and your lipsticks inside from damage. Additionally, an excellent glossy or matte coating will be suitable for creating a more attractive look.

Make Your Custom Lipstick Boxes Authentic

The boxes should look unique and authentic for your lipsticks to look convincing. Authentic custom lipstick boxes make it easier to promote your cosmetic brand.
The rustic design will make your lipsticks look graceful. For example, you can add a rustic touch to your packaging boxes. This way, those customers in the market will believe that the quality of your lipsticks is excellent.
To create these types of boxes, you can combine a dark brown color and engrave rigid boxes with elegant designs such as flowers and leaves. The rustic touch of your boxes will build a premium brand image. Eventually, this is the best way to reach customers who are looking for premium products.

Remember the Purpose of Your Packaging Boxes

In order to design proper packaging boxes for your lipstick, you should never ignore the actual purpose of the boxes. We know that product packaging is important to maximize product safety. Simply put, your packaging boxes should protect your lipsticks at any cost.
You need to remove moisture and heat to preserve your sensitive lipsticks. Plus, you also need to pay attention to the personal responsibility of innovative and customer-specific boxes. Most importantly, your custom lipstick boxes should extend the shelf life of your branded lipsticks. Additionally, the boxes should transport your lipsticks safely.

Consider Eco-Friendly Packaging Idea

Yes, it helps if you never ignore that the eco-friendly packaging idea really helps to promote your items and brand. You might know that kraft is a packaging material that doesn’t require to be processed like other packaging materials. So, if you want to get the eco-friendliest packaging boxes, this material is your best option.
The boxes made of kraft will surely be environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Another great advantage of eco-friendly custom kraft lipstick boxes is that they will not pollute the environment. As a result, these boxes will win your heart’s content. How? Eco-friendly packaging boxes will let you build strong customer trust and make your brand stand out.

Product Details and Brand Logo Are Important

Do you know the importance of providing product and company details on your custom cosmetic boxes? Will this help to turn more heads?
One of the best packaging ideas is to offer other important things such as:

  • Details about the ingredients you use to produce your lipsticks
  • Contact details to let customers reach you easily
  • A stunning logo to highlight your brand name

Make sure your packaging boxes help your potential customers know your company’s name and items. This way, your customers will find your lipsticks and notice your brand without any hassle. Ultimately, this will increase brand awareness in the highly competitive cosmetic market.
As a brand owner, you are surely aware that the amount of sales you will get depends on your branding level. Therefore, it is useful when you focus on product branding. Finally, your engraved brand logo and name make anyone easily find out about your business.

Try Out Custom Lipstick Boxes with Window!

Adding a lovely window shape to your custom lipstick boxes can be a smart marketing strategy. The beautiful window shape will enable customers to take a look at your lipsticks before making a purchase.
Remember that transparency is important when it comes to shaping strong customer loyalty. Thus, make sure that your customers can see your outstanding lipstick clearly from every angle. Also note that the design of the window is also important here. So, make sure to choose the shape you want for the window carefully.

Use Stylish Fonts and Lively Images

Stylish fonts are not just about appearance. Believe it or not, using trendy fonts in custom kraft lipstick boxes will help you increase sales. How? Some customers will purchase more products when they are attracted to read the fonts and see the images on the packaging.
Yes, we can say that customers can actually pay more attention to the packaging than the product itself. Therefore, you need to find the right font style that looks beautiful on your packaging boxes. Most importantly, use stylish fonts that can convey information related to your lipsticks perfectly.

Choose a Unique Box Style

Every cosmetic brand wants to present its items in different styles. In this case, custom lipstick boxes will work better to help your brand more than you think.
For any cosmetic brand, stylish packaging boxes act as the backbone to highlight its items and brand image. For this reason, you must choose a unique box style that will compliment your lipsticks.
Consider using:

  • A two-piece box style
  • A drawer box style
  • A sleeve box style
  • A pillow box style
  • And other unique box styles to show off your lipsticks beautifully

Don’t Skip Those Wonderful Add-Ons!

Without you realizing it, add-ons can be the perfect solution to get more attention. Speaking of creating appealing boxes for your lipsticks, you can apply wonderful add-ons to make your boxes more attractive.
For coating options, you can choose:

  • A matte coating
  • A glossy coating
  • Spot UV

For color models, you can choose:

  • CMYK or PMS

For a more exclusive look, you can apply:

  • Gold foiling technique
  • Silver foiling technique

For internal packaging, you can add:

  • Custom inserts
  • Dividers
  • Partitions

Consider Using Custom Labels

Custom labels can work perfectly to let you grab more customers’ attention. You can provide your brand slogan or other promotional offers on the labels.
For example:

  • You can write ‘go green’ on a label for eco-friendly custom kraft lipstick boxes
  • You can use promotional offers such as ‘buy 1 get 1’ with a glossy label
  • You can mention a tempting discount offer on custom label

Customers who see the custom labels on your packaging boxes will not think twice about purchasing your lipsticks. Even better, they might share their unboxing videos on their social media account. Well…

Design Your Custom Lipstick Boxes Yourself!

Creating the most appealing boxes is important and will help you succeed in this fierce market competition. Whether you are a newbie or a famous brand in the cosmetic industry, packaging boxes will be the face of your brand.
You need attractive custom lipstick boxes to highlight your lipsticks and earn more sales. You can easily get the most exclusive boxes from many packaging suppliers. But how about designing the boxes yourself? Yes, you can design and customize your bespoke boxes by working with a reliable packaging company such as Pioneer Custom Boxes!.

Wrapping Up

So, are you getting excited to boost your sales easily with attractive custom lipstick boxes? Many cosmetic brands have been taking advantage of using these splendid boxes. What about you?

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