Let’s Make Custom CBD Packaging That Attracts Customers!

Custom CBD Packaging – Let's Make the Packaging That Attracts Customers!

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Your product packaging is as important as your product when you are running a business in the CBD market industry. If you don’t go with the right design, you will not be able to reach your target customers. When it comes to attracting more customers, you need to put yourself in their shoes. What type of packaging would they love to see? So, are you ready to sell your CBD products? Let’s make custom CBD packaging that attracts customers!

Decide Who Your Customers Are Custom CBD Packaging

The first thing you need to consider before designing your product packaging is which types of customers you want to talk to. The goal of your CBD products in the right custom CBD packaging is to find your target customer market. Additionally, your products need to help them solve a specific issue. Thus, you need to know what our customers in a particular flavor profile are looking for. Know about their most significant pain points. Below are three customer profiles you would need to consider.

Profile 1 – The luxury customers

These are customers who always want the best things in life. These customers are searching for a high-class experience instead of a cheap product. So, make sure your CBD packaging would speak to them.

Elevating the look of your CBD product with an elegant design is the main key to catching their attention. You would want them to perceive your products as more exclusive, premium, and focus on strength.

Make sure your custom CBD boxes in bulk would reflect the points below.

  • High-quality material

Your focus should be on the material of your custom CBD packaging here.

  • Activate the senses

You need to find some ways to activate their senses. Go with unique color combinations and smooth textures to improve handling. Or else, you can even add a window shape to let them look at your product inside.

  • Show off the taste

The design of your CBD packaging needs to better convey the taste profile of premium spirits. The customers in this profile would not look for “average” CBD products. Thus, it would be best to eliminate potential stereotypes in the market.

Profile 2 – The Millennials

Now let’s move to the Millenials, the young audience. These customers would be easily attracted to authentic brands. They would love to see Custom CBD Crystal Boxes with a trendy design, a unique shape, something that makes your product stand out on the shelves. To be noted, these customers would be loyal to a brand that suits their modern lifestyle.

So, how to influence customers in this profile?

  • Make your packaging simple

You could do this by applying a minimalist design with a rustic approach. Or else, you could also go with modern fine art.

  • Sustainable focus

This generation loves to get environmentally friendly products. In brief, they want to get your CBD product. Yet, they also want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible. So, make sure that your CBD packaging boxes will be eco-friendly.

  • Try out the limited edition

By creating a one-time collection instead of a continuous style, you would grab their attention.

Profile 3 – The physical relief

Last but not least, you should also consider the customers who are looking for medical assistance with your CBD products. More than half of customers in this market define chronic pain as the main reason for their usage.

Your custom CBD packaging needs to be about key pains your product deals with. What can your packaging design do to communicate with them and grab their attention? Mention the product benefits with clear icons. Or else, you can create a product for each of the significant issues.

Keep in mind that some CBD users search for this product to reduce anxiety. So yes, a crowded design will not work here. Remember that you are dealing with customers who want to relax here.

Check Out These Trends for CBD Packaging Design!

Check Out These Trends for Custom CBD Packaging Design!

Every year, we can see some new trends spreading in the industry. It might cost more money to dive into a new product to take advantage of the trend’s attention. Sometimes, the best approach you could do is creating a unique packaging design. Most importantly, you need to have experienced packaging designers who pay attention to trends. You can rely on the professionals at Pioneer Custom Boxes in this regard.

So, let’s take a look at some packaging design trends for custom CBD packaging you might want to follow!

Classic leaf imagery design is still in the hype

Perhaps you think that the cannabis leaf can quickly become a cliche design choice. However, when you can apply this design creatively, it will help to inspire some moods in your customers.

Eco-friendly CBD packaging

Now let’s think about how so many customers have shifted to a more sustainable and environmentally positive direction. These customers want recyclable packaging with fewer materials. They would choose CBD packaging boxes that come with less environmental impact.

Organic, raw, and sustainable design will stand out among these customers. In fact, about three out of four millennials said they would pay more to get the product in sustainable packaging. This also means that you need to choose the right design that conveys your ideas in their minds.

Health-conscious design

The first entry into the market was the health benefits of CBD products. You can apply some medical symbols, signs of specific health problems, and so on. Hence, emphasizing the factors that enhance these essential health benefits will be a great way to reach customers.

A minimalist design never goes out-of-date

Another common design trend that can carve a niche is a minimalist design. This design never goes out-of-date and will draw in your target audience. A minimalist design reflects simplicity, elegance, and modernity. You can use a monochromatic approach for this design.

Tips for Designing Attractive CBD Packaging? Here They Are!

Tips for Designing Attractive Custom CBD Packaging? Here They Are!

Attract your target customers as much as you can

Designing attractive custom CBD packaging is important if you wish to grab customers’ attention. While creating a CBD brand with a consistent image, various products with different designs will work best to start building your brand identity.

Brand identity will remind customers of your brand for their next purchases. From the fonts you choose to the colors and the overall shape of your CBD packaging boxes, all will help you create positioning in the market. In brief, you should attract your target customers as much as you can.

Create evocative CBD packaging

The design of your CBD packaging needs to fit all the essential product information. Remember this factor while creating an attractive design. You need to clarify the legal information required and trademark information. This can be your brand story or even your production process. How could you possibly do it?

While the medical CBD product has the heavy burden of including regulatory information in the packaging, it still has labeling requirements.

Make sure your label will provide the details such as:

  • Date of manufacture and expiration date
  • Your company name and location
  • Weight of all ingredients and net content
  • Design durable packaging that protects your CBD product

Choosing a suitable packaging material is significant in packing sensitive CBD products. In fact, you know that your custom CBD packaging needs to meet all the legal requirements. At the same time, the packaging should also help to position your brand in the market.

So, make sure to note the following five legal requirements.

  • Use appropriate seal

CBD products are usually not a disposable design. Typically, this product comes in a bag, bottle, or other variants. Or else, it comes in a large zip lock bag. Thus, you need to make sure your packaging design takes the “appropriate seal” into account.

  • Focus on the child safety

Yes, all packaging for CBD products must be child safe. This means you need to ensure that your packaging design will not be easy for any child to open and close.

  • Apply prevention of unauthorized opening

Along with the appropriate seals, you need to create a design that makes it clear if someone has tampered with the CBD product. For example, you can apply a custom sticker such as “product is not for sale.”

  • Always use durable material

Depending on your CBD product, you might need to choose a more stable and specific material for your CBD packaging boxes. Make sure to select the one that suits your brand as a whole. It can be cardboard, corrugated, kraft, or rigid.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, your CBD products’ creative design and marketing will put your brand on the market. Whether you are targeting medical users, luxury customers, or millennials who simply want to relax, be sure to create the packaging that speaks directly to them. Your main goal here is to build trust with your customers, promise high-quality products, and create something they will return to.

So, if you are ready to make custom CBD packaging that attracts customers, Pioneer Custom Boxes is your one-stop to go! Express your creativity and design the best packaging for your CBD product with us! We provide premium quality custom packaging boxes at the lowest prices in the industry.

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