Can You Use Mylar Bags with Foodsaver? The Wonderful Features of Bulk Mylar Bags

Can You Use Mylar Bags with Foodsaver The Wonderful Features of Bulk Mylar Bags

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If the question of “can you use mylar bags with FoodSaver” is still disturbing you, this article is the one you are looking for. Here, you will get the correct answer. Even better, we will take a closer look at bulk mylar bags.

How Should You Use Foodsaver with Mylar Bags?

The FoodSaver machine will be a perfect option when it comes to sealing mylar bags. On the other hand, we know that FoodSaver is not the best option for storing food items in the long term. Instead, to store food items like groceries for a longer period, a mylar bag will be your better option. Why?

Throughout the time, FoodSaver might leak and allow air to enter. For now, bulk mylar bags come with an opaque feature with small leakage. The best thing is that they can effectively block the light.

What Type of Food Can Your Store Safely in Bulk Mylar Bags?

Many! The list includes:

  • Dry foods
  • Very low moisture foods
  • Whole grains, corn, rice
  • Dried berries
  • White sugar
  • Salt
  • Pure molasses
  • Pure honey
  • Dried beans
  • And many others

What Makes Bulk Mylar Bags Ideal for Food Storage?

What Makes Bulk Mylar Bags Ideal for Food Storage


Mylar pouch film provides a very low oxygen transmission (OTR). This is thanks to its feature of thick laminated layers. In addition, it also provides multiple layers to protect your food item from moisture, light, and odors. Mylar is very flexible, thin, and very durable. Another great thing about mylar bags is that they come with the opacity that will preserve the nutrients in your food items.

Food preservation, when properly performed, will keep your food items fresh for months or even years longer. Using a mylar bag in combination with oxygen scavengers will let you keep some food items for up to 30 years. This is why these bags are better than traditional food preservation methods.

The Promising Benefits of Using Bulk Mylar Bags

Yes, you read it right! But what are the benefits of using them? Here they are! Come with various promising benefits, bulk mylar bags stand out from other storage containers.

Help you maintain the quality and maximize the life of the food items

Mylar will keep your food items fresh longer. It does this by blocking oxygen and moisture. Therefore, storing your food items in mylar bags will be very beneficial. In other words, these bags will be very valuable to help you maintain the quality of your food items. Even better, they will help to maximize the shelf life of your food items.

Come with an opaque feature

We know that exposure to light can greatly affect food items’ color, taste, aroma, and potency. This is why you should store them in an opaque bag that does not allow light to pass through. Bulk mylar bags are completely opaque. This feature makes them the right solution. What’s more, the core of this foil is typically made of aluminum. This is how the bags block the light and maintain your food items’ natural taste, color, and aroma.

Mylar bags are non-toxic

We know that some plastic bags can add toxic chemicals to the food items stored in them. This is due to the fact that plastic storage bags are made of synthetic chemicals. This can cause chemicals to seep into the food items. Unfortunately, mylar bags do not have such aggravating chemicals. Thus, you can safely store your food items as the bags do not contain toxins in the product.

They are sealable

Yes, sealing mylar bags is very easy. You can easily seal the bag properly with a clamshell heat sealer or heat sealer. In fact, you can simply heat the bag with an iron or hair straightener as well. But yes, remember that you need to heat seal the bag to make it work effectively.

Bulk mylar bags are reusable

Bulk mylar bags are extremely durable. Yes, they will still work very well in retaining the original aroma and taste of your food items. The best part is that the bags will not get damaged by washing and removing the original seal. You can easily wash used mylar bags and store other food items inside them.

Mylar bags are highly durable

This is another wonderful feature of mylar bags. These bags are tear-resistant. With this feature, you can ensure that these bags keep your food items for a longer period. When you place your food item in a mylar bag, neither the bag nor the item will be damaged during the storage period.

Come in various sizes

Bulk mylar bags from Pioneer Custom Boxes come in various sizes. When you properly seal them, these bags will block the air and maintain the natural potency of your food.

Come with an aroma resistance feature

Another thing you should note about Mylar bags is that they do not allow food aroma to escape from the bags. Accordingly, they will not absorb the aroma. Instead, the aroma will remain in the bags for months.

How to Use Bulk Mylar Bags Properly?

How to Use Bulk Mylar Bags Properly


The procedure for saving any food item in bulk mylar bags is the same. Below are some important things you will need:

  • An impulse sealer or clamshell heat sealer
  • Oxygen scavenger
  • Label

Below are the step-by-step to properly use the bag!

Fill your mylar bags

Once you choose the appropriate bag, you can fill out the food items inside. Always remember that you need to make enough space to seal the bag. If you use a vacuum sealer, you will need to leave a relatively large amount of space to seal the bag.

Don’t forget to add an oxygen scavenger

Yes, the mylar bag itself is good at blocking oxygen. However, adding an oxygen scavenger on top of a food item is a good idea to prevent the invasion of mold and insects. Just the same as the bag, you will find oxygen scavengers in a variety of sizes. In many cases, an oxygen scavenger is often bundled in a mylar bag. It would help if you immediately sealed the remaining oxygen scavenger for protection in a closed container.

Seal your mylar bag properly

After adding an oxygen scavenger, you should never leave a mylar bag open for more than 30 minutes. If you do this, the oxygen scavenger may not work efficiently.

It will be good to place an impulse sealer or clamshell heat sealer. These types of seals are the correct approach to seal a Mylar bag. But if you don’t have any of these sealers, you can seal the bag with some home appliances.

  • A flat Iron

Using a flat iron is a clever approach to sealing a Mylar bag. First, you need to carefully place the bag on the plain board or on the ironing board. Then, you should iron the bag along the seams and continue until you see that the bag is completely sealed.

  • Hair straightener

This is a much easier technique than ironing. You can do this easily by holding the bag vertically. However, do note that you need to prevent generating bubbles during heating. So, make sure to fix the hair straightener from the center, then set your mylar bag to about a quarter. By doing this, there will be no bubble formed. Then gently slide the hair straightener up until you seal the bag properly.

  • Vacuum Sealer

The vacuum sealer works perfectly with bulk mylar bags. If you have a vacuum sealer, the sealing task of your mylar bags will be much easier for you.

How to Store Bulk Mylar Bags?

The fact is, bulk mylar bags are not evidence of rodents. Instead, rodents can easily move around in the bags and thrive on the food items. This is one of the main reasons why you need to be especially careful when storing your food items. So, instead of storing the bags in boxes, you should consider placing them in plastic containers.

Keep mylar bags away from your children

Yes, you need to keep mylar bags out of the reach of children. Or else, you can purchase a child resistance mylar bag with a tamper-proof seal to ensure your children will not be able to open it.

Put the bags in a cool environment

In order to keep your food items fresh, you need to store mylar bags at a low temperature of about 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Keep the bags in a dry environment

To be noted, the best way you can store any food item for a longer period is storing it in a dry place. Also ensure that there is no dampness in the environment in which you will place the bags. If the humidity exceeds 65%, there will be a risk of contamination by mold and microorganisms. Yes, mylar bags are airtight. However, it will be better to store them in a dry place.

Wrapping Up

Without any doubt, we can say that mylar bags are famous as the best food storage option these days. So, now you have the right answer to the question of “can you use mylar bags with FoodSaver” and know the bags’ benefits. Pioneer Custom Boxes will be your best packaging partner to get the most top-notch quality bulk mylar bags for food. Contact us now! If you want to keep your food items longer and sell them in the best conditions, these bags are perfect.

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