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A Closer Look at Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

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When you apply lipstick to your lips, have you ever wondered if the lipstick contributes to the damage to the planet you live in? Well, we know how cosmetic products can make us look and feel. On the other hand, many times, we often overlook the harm these products can do to our environment. The good news is that many cosmetic brands today have started to switch to using eco-friendly packaging for their products. Is it worth the money and effort? Let’s take a closer look at sustainable cosmetic packaging!

The Importance of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes in Creating a Brand Identity

Before we dive into sustainable cosmetic packaging and tips, we need to know the importance of product packaging itself. Surely, you know that packaging plays an essential role in creating your brand identity – for good or worse.

The fact is, the choice you make for your packaging will then determine the type of brand you are. Therefore, when choosing cosmetic packaging boxes, you will need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of ease of use, sustainability, and durability.

In addition, you also need to keep in mind that the design must be aesthetically appealing to attract customers. So, make sure that you will apply the right design, whether it is luxurious, trendy, or rustic.

A Brief into Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

A Brief into Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

Sustainable cosmetic packaging comes with less environmental impact than ready-made options. It might sound simple at first glance. However, the sustainability we are talking about here includes the effects of the entire packaging life cycle. This cycle ranges from the resource extraction to manufacturing, use and reuse, to recycling or disposal process.

Additionally, sustainability also includes all the economic and social factors. Even we can never say that eco-friendly packaging is sustained if it may not be profitable for your brand. In addition, the production process of eco-friendly packaging might also have a social impact as well. Thus, you should be able to tell the difference between eco-friendly packaging and sustainable cosmetic packaging. Keep on reading!

Why Can Biodegradable Packaging Turn Out to Be A Problem?

Regret to say that a “sustainable” packaging might also fail due to a lack of recycling or composting infrastructure. How?

Even if you deliver your cosmetic products in biodegradable or recyclable boxes, these boxes may not be compostable at home. The worst scenario is that the local recycling center might reject recycling the boxes. Or else, some local composting facilities may not be available.

Even the most environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging boxes can eventually be landfilled when the things above happen. In this regard, there are some essential rules for sustainable cosmetic packaging. Let’s dive in.

When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, it generally means:

  • The material – The packaging is made from 100% natural and recyclable materials
  • The production – The packaging will come in smaller size, cleaner and fewer processes to produce it
  • The circulation – The packaging will be easy to reuse, upcycle, and recyclable

Different Perceptions about “Eco-Friendly”

The “best” eco-friendly packaging can depend on your priorities, as with many environmental issues. For example, perhaps your brand is focusing more on the harmful effects of raw material extraction. Instead, you are not considering the biodegradability of the final product.

Or maybe your cosmetic brand concerns more the chemicals seeping into the groundwater. On the other hand, you might not really focus on how many trees are being cut down to make farmland.

Why Do You Need to Switch to Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging?

When it comes to designing cosmetic packaging boxes, you need to consider the packaging material correctly. We know that it takes decades for the wrong type of material to reach the landfill. Most importantly, packaging materials such as plastics do not deteriorate.

Plastic packaging will forever be polluting land and the sea. In this regard, the only way to save the planet is to change the way we produce, present, and distribute cosmetic products. Cosmetic brands have been strongly urged to clean their formulations in recent years. But what will be used if those non-toxic, eco-friendly makeup products, lotions, or shaving cream come in a plastic bottle? Would you prefer glass? Not so fast.

The most environmentally friendly packaging issue is delicate and seriously relevant to brands that think in terms of sustainability. Over the decade, more cosmetic brands are aware of the importance of using sustainable cosmetic packaging.

What about Using Plastic for Cosmetic Packaging Boxes?

Some types of plastic might be recyclable and require less energy to manufacture than other plastics. We know that many cosmetic products still come with cosmetic packaging boxes made of plastic materials. This fact makes the boxes suitable for sustainable cosmetic packaging.

In addition, these types of boxes are usually strong enough to be hygienic and protective for cosmetic products. Most importantly, they will be sturdy enough to withstand transportation issues, including freezing or high temperatures.

Yet, if you want to use plastic material to design sustainable cosmetic packaging, you will need to consider some points below.

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) will be a good option for plastic packaging material
  • The plastic you use for your packaging should not contain the hormone disruptor bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Ensure that your cosmetic packaging boxes can be recycled at local government recycling depots
  • Make sure that your packaging boxes will be lightweight to reduce CO2 emissions during transportation
  • Your packaging boxes should also be easy to reuse

The Drawbacks of Using Plastic for Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

On the other hand, when you decide to use plastic in your cosmetic packaging boxes, you will also need to consider the drawbacks. What are they?

  • You cannot recycle plastic indefinitely from fossil fuels (oil and natural gas)
  • Plastic can make a significant environmental impact during extraction, processing, and disposal
  • Plastic is not entirely biodegradable
  • Some plastics contain phthalates along with other chemicals that can be harmful to humans’ health
  • Plastic materials produce microplastics in water, soil, and even in the air

In other words, take your time to consider whether plastic can be an excellent option for designing sustainable cosmetic packaging.

Packaging Tips to Design Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging Tips to Design Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

Now comes the important part. You surely want to know the best ways to create sustainable cosmetic packaging to present your cosmetic products. Below are some packaging tips that are easy to follow!

Think Wisely About a Waste Management System

When designing sustainable cosmetic packaging, you need to think wisely about your country’s waste management process. Without you noticing, this point is highly essential when it comes to choosing the right packaging materials. In addition, you need to decide whether your customers can recycle the product packaging or send it to a landfill.

The fact is, there are many developing countries that are still lacking such infrastructure. This has made it very difficult to dispose of unsustainable packaging. So, make sure to do research before designing your cosmetic packaging boxes.

Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Might Be More Expensive

One of the biggest concerns some brands have about sustainable cosmetic packaging is that it can be costly. If you produce millions of cosmetic products a day, this packaging might not be an economical option. Yet, you can always get a discount offer from a reliable packaging provider such as Pioneer Custom Boxes.

To manufacture eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes, you will need advanced mechanical equipment. However, if you will go for eco-friendly packaging, you can charge a premium price for your cosmetic product. Why? People love to know that they are contributing to saving the planet by purchasing any product. So, make sure to reflect that on your packaging boxes.

Find a Sustainable Packaging Provider

Finding the right packaging provider has always been challenging for small cosmetics brands and start-ups. When it comes to sustainable cosmetic packaging, you need a reliable supplier who knows exactly how everything works.

As one of eco-friendly cosmetics brands, you know that you need to work with a reliable provider. A sustainable packaging provider will offer renewable packaging materials. Make sure your packaging partner offers biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable packaging boxes. Some important things you also need to consider when finding the right supplier are include:

  • Product protection and durability of your packaging
  • Reusability and security
  • Size and weight
  • The price

Pioneer Custom Boxes will be your best provider to get the boxes that meet your needs and specifications. We provide premium cosmetic packaging boxes from sustainable packaging materials.

Invite Your Employees and Customers to Sustainability

We can see how the worldwide customers today become more aware of the importance of sustainability. Accordingly, as a cosmetic brand that promises to be green, you need to invite others to reduce their contribution to carbon dioxide emissions. You need to promote and encourage this idea (or cause) between your employees and potential customers. By doing this, not only will you create a sustainable working environment for your employees. More than that, you will shape a reliable brand image and stand out in the market within no time.

Final Ideas

Yes, sustainable cosmetic packaging can do wonders that you never even think about. This packaging works very well in shaping a reliable and sustainable image for your cosmetic brand. So, if you are interested in getting this excellent packaging for your exclusive cosmetic products, simply call Pioneer Custom Boxes now! Well, this packaging is surely worth the money and effort.

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